Yukarı Çık

General Information

As a result of rapid globalization in healthcare services, humankind was introduced with the new form of medical tourism, and the direction of new medical tourism is completely different than the traditional one. In the old form of medical tourism, people travel to the developed countries to get advanced treatment that is not possible in their less developed countries; whereas, this condition reversed with the emergence of new form. In the new conjuncture, people started to travel abroad. Many countries started to investigate the ways to benefit from the opportunities provided by the medical tourism as both exporter and importer of healthcare services.

Turkey has great potential to attract the interest of people as an important medical tourism destination. With its geographical advantage, Turkey accelerated its efforts to take place among the leaders in medical tourism.

For patients traveling to Turkey, elective procedures such as liposuction, orthodontics, Lasik, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation as well as complex specialized procedures such as cardiovascular surgery, brain surgery, orthopedic joint (knee & hip) replacements can result in savings of up to 75%- 90% as compared to what they cost in the US and in Europe. Among other procedures for which patients travel abroad are medical oncology, hematological oncology, radiation oncology, Cyber knife, kidney dialysis, prostate operations, organ transplants(heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, small intestine, bone marrow), in vitro fertilization treatments and fertility operations, dental treatments and surgery; eye operations; plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

As one of the most popular touristic destination receiving 34 million tourists every year from all around the world, Turkey is much the same as an open air museum thanks to its magnificent heritage comprised of historical and cultural monuments and sites built around Anatolia since the ancient times.

Carefully selected physicians and the accredited healthcare institutions equipped with the most advanced technology are our competencies in VT Health Services.

Turkey has the highest number of accredited healthcare institutions in the world outside the USA.