Yukarı Çık

General Information

MBC Promotional Film

General Information

  • World’s one and only health tourism program V&T will be broadcasted now on MBC, which broadcasts in Arabic and reaches to 255 billion Arabic speaking audiences.
  • MBC is the most watched TV channel, which is chosen by Arab audiences, it also broadcasts from satellite transmission to the whole world.
  • MBC has achieved to be most watched media group by audiences in Middle East, North Africa and Arabian countries. MBC continuously increases its audiences thanks to TV series and shows, which were succeeded worldwide and MBC also broadcasts best Turkish TV dramas.
  • MBC, which is high rated TV channel of Arabian World, has transferred one and only health tourism program of the world V&T…
  • V&T were broadcasted 410 times by 4 different TV channels last season also it has received thousands of applications from 23 different countries, now introduces you to Arabian World.
  • V&T gained worldwide recognition last season, and now it introduces you to Arabian World, which has a great potential for health tourism.
  • A chance for the hospitals, which are sponsors to V&T MBC, to apply to the Ministry of Economicsfor government incentives.
  • V&T MBC give you an opportunity to attract Arabian capital.


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