Yukarı Çık

General Information

The Republic of Turkey is a secular democracy supported through a well-developed constitutional system established in 1923 after the Ottoman Empire. Turkey, a progressive country, is a member of NATO, the Council of Europe, and a founding member of the United Nations. Its key location has been significant in the development of world civilization and offers visitors a rich and fascinating history.

Turkey, a Travel Paradise
Stretching across Southeastern Europe and the Anatolian peninsula in Southwest Asia, the Republic of Turkey is strategically located between Europe and Asia, and nestled between three seas. Many people do not realize that Turkey is a beach paradise filled with sand, wildlife, and plants that naturally decorate the countryside.

If you choose Turkey for your destination, you will have the option of exploring a stunning landscape and rich culture. While it is true that you will enjoy the best medical care, it is also possible for you to enjoy the aesthetic beauty and historical features Turkey has to offer. With endless tourism possibilities, many visitors comment that one trip to Turkey just is not enough. A unique blend of eastern and western cultures history enthusiasts enjoy touring the many temples, mosques, churches, tombs, statues of the gods, palaces, and ancient theatres that are abundant throughout this country.

The only city that straddles two continents: Europe and Asia, Istanbul is considered the capital of capital cities. Istanbul was formerly known as Constantinople, and is the only city in history which has been the capital of three different Empires: Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. Although its name has changed throughout the years, this immortal city remains the most functional part of Turkey, beautiful in its complexity. A virtual melting pot of the ancient and the modern traditions, Istanbul is a combination of religious and secular.

Istanbul’s diversity is one of its best features. From ancient palaces to thriving shopping areas filled with entertainment, tourists have come to love the fact that Istanbul embraces contradictions and offers travelers an experience like no other.