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PRS Media Promotional Film

General Information


  • PRS Medya is a Tv programs production company who also owns the format of “V&T VISIT TO BE TREATED”which is one and only reality health tourism TV program in the world.
  • One and only reality health tourism program, that is shot in Turkey and broadcasted abroad.
  • An experienced crew, who shot 160 episodes in a season.
  • A TV program, which is shot with real patients, real treatments and real recovery processes, doctors and hospital and makes audiences feel like they are the ones who are being treated when watching.
  • A real promotion, which doesn’t feel like commercial, contains sponsor hospitals, doctors and modern technologic equipment’s.
  • 64 real patients who has participated to our program from 23 different countries in a season…
  • Guests who has recovered and left our country happily …
  • Lots of real heart wrenching scenes, which contains saving lives and starting new lives after treatments.
  • A real publicity opportunity, that shows real feelings and gratefulness of patients, which can’t be easily achieved with a million dollars commercial.
  • Worldwide publicity chance for sponsor hospitals with 410 programs broadcastedin 4 different countries only in one season.
  • 11287 patient applications for the program from 23 different countries in one season…
  • Over the 100.000 interactive communication opportunities, which are based on call center, web and social media, for sponsor hospitals from the audiences.
  • Thousands of program applications, over the 100.000 interactive communications, thanks to the millions of viewers, day by day increasing potential patient profile of every sponsor hospital…
  • A chance to apply to the Ministry of Economics for government incentives thanks to our program formats.

V&T… promotes the value of your brand. Introduces you to the world…

In our TV program, patients, who are living abroad, comes to Turkey and stay at V&T house. Our guests are treated with high technology by our sponsor hospitals and doctors. After their treatments, our guests go back to their countries healthy after their last check. In addition to sponsor hospital stheir treatments, our guests have time to get to know and experience Istanbul thanks to VIPcrew organization. Therefore, V&T program makes worldwide promotion for sponso rhospitals and doctors also it creates a chance to get treated for patients with VIP standards.