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VIP Therapie

  • World’s one and only reality health tourism program V&T Euro is starting to a newseason.
  • One and only reality health tourism program V&T Euro, which is shot in Turkey, will be broadcasted by EUROSTAR and NTV AVRUPA channels for 5 times in a week.
  • V&T EURO which is shot with real patients, real treatments and treatment processes atreal hospitals with real doctors. Audiences also feel themselves like real patients in the TVprogram.
  • V&T EURO create real promotion, which doesn’t feel like commercial, containssponsor hospitals with doctors and modern technologic equipment’s in every episodes.
  • 27...real patients who applied to our program from 23 different countries in one season…
  • Our guests who are treated and left our country happily.
  • Lots of real heart wrenching scenes of patients, which contains saving lives and starting new lives after treatments happily.
  • A real promotion opportunity, which shows real feelings and gratefulness of patients, which can’t be bought for million dollars.
  • Worldwide promotion possibility for sponsor hospitals with 150 broadcasted TVprograms in one season.
  • 7681 patients’ applications from 23 different countries in one season…
  • Over the 100.000 interactive communication opportunities with the audiences via our call center, web and social media, and the sponsor hospitals.
  • Thousands of program applications, over the 100.000 interactive communications,increasing approved patients percentage for sponsor hospitals thanks to following audiences.
  • An application possibility for sponsors to the Ministry of Economics for government incentives thanks to our format.
  • V&T EURO is reaching audiences all over the world, who speak Turkish, thanks to satellitetrans mission broadcasting system.
  • V&T EURO is also reaching to audiences, who speaks English, thanks to its subtitles.
  • V&T EURO promotes the value of your brands and makes you known worldwide thanks to episodes, which broadcasted by satellite transmission all over the world.


Come to us we will introduce you to the world!

VIP Therapie

VIP THERAPIE is a reality health tourism program, which is broadcasted by EUROSTAR and NTV Europe TV channels. Our program is 75 minutes and is being broadcasted every week since 12 February 2014. Every episode of VIP THERAPHY is broadcasted 5 times a week.

In our program, patients who are living abroad come to Turkey and are hosted in V&T house. Sponsor hospitals and doctors treat our guests with the recent technology in the world. After their treatments, our guests go back to their countries, healthy, after their last medical check. In addition to their treatments, our guests have also time to discover Istanbul thanks to VIP crew organization.

Thousands of applications have been come from 23 different countries for VIP THERAPIE, and the program attracted attention from all the countries which we were broadcasted.

Click to visit our website www.viptherapie.tv